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The storytelling
app for families

Awake the inner storyteller with diverse and empowering stories for young & old. Storytelling has never been easier.

Parents' Choice Approved App

Karlotta the Knight with her squire and steed.

Quality Family Time

Storytelling plays a vital role when growing up. Create lasting memories and embark on fantastic journeys with beloved characters.

Teach Valuable Life Lessons

We deeply care about diversity and empowerment - each Storyworld contains educational aspects and storytelling tips to teach valuable life lessons.

A Safety Net for Storytelling

Each story includes an easy-to-remember summary of Storypoints and the interactive Storybuilder generates millions of exciting storylines.

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Your favorite stories to fall in love with

To really encourage storytelling and reading, you have to fall in love with the characters and the story. We will provide a constant stream of exciting new Storyworlds in every imaginable genre - falling in love guaranteed!

27 x
140 x
28.7 h
of Storytime
50 M+
possible stories
Thomas and the New World

Thomas’s family moves to a quiet village, but his life there is far from quiet. Instead, he encounters many things that he has never experienced before.

The Holiday Girls

Chrissy Miss and her best friends live in Celebration City where, through everyday adventures, they always find a reason to celebrate.


Puzzle loves her family and they love her. But something is not quite right and soon things will change.

Nikki & the Long Lost Treasure

Nikki and Boltran search for the long-lost treasures of the old kingdom and neither giants nor sea beasts can stop them.

Tate’s Time Traveling Top

Tate, a young boy on the autism spectrum, loves watching tops spin. One day, he realizes that watching them takes him into a different world.


“Stick to the path, still the troll’s wrath. Set off to roam, never come home.” Maddi knew the warning well. Maddi didn’t listen.

The Moonlight Farmers

Edna and Jim live and work on a farm and work only by moonlight. Would you like to know why?

Kris Snowman – Rockstar On Tour

Kris Snowman tours all over the world, discovering different countries. He has a huge ego, but learns the power of friendship!

Perpetual Story Machine

The benefits of free storytelling go far beyond “the moral of the story” - whenever you tell a story, you stimulate imagination and encourage creative thinking.

When you create the story as you go, you can steer the story and even become a character in a world you build together - that makes your family active participants of the narrative!

Reading helps build literacy skills, telling stories helps build those skills and put them into practice.

Once upon a time
Sheriff Cleese
Sheriff Cleese
Who is in trouble?
Rodney the Astronaut
Rodney the Astronaut
What caused the trouble?
Mysterious Bottle
Mysterious Bottle
What will help?
Invisibility Mask
Invisibility Mask
Trouble solved with?

Why parents love us

A small selection of reviews of Bedtimes Stories on the App Store.

We absolutely love it! Especially the story builder is so fun - the kids love telling the stories on their own. Thumbs up for the concept and the easy interface!
meramap (AppStore)
5 stars on the App Store
This is a marvelous app which helps the parents tell terrific tales to children. Lots to choose from <3 and wonderful illustrations too.
Julei Hodgson (AppStore)
5 stars on the App Store
Bedtime used to be a chore and there was always the bartering session of “Awww just 5 minutes more!”. Now we are racing to bed to read a bedtime stories on the app... Our personal favourites have to be the cheery Dinosaur, how can you resist being his best friend!
With bite-sized stories that suit us down to the ground, bedtimes just got a whole lot better! 5 STARS!!
Citykitty79 (AppStore)
5 stars on the App Store

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